The Conde Explorers

Making History In Mobile’s Mardi Gras Celebration


In 2005, The Conde Explorers became the first integrated Mardi Gras society to parade in downtown Mobile.  The society currently has about a hundred members and welcomes men and women of all races.  In addition to its parade and ball, The Conde Explorers hold several parties throughout the year and its members perform volunteer work.

The Conde Explorers were featured in the award-winning documentary about Mobile’s Mardi Gras, The Order of Myths.

The Conde Explorers parade in downtown Mobile (Route A).  The society’s ball is held at the Mobile Convention Center after the parade.  Invitations to the ball, which features a band, food, and drinks, are are available from members.

Come join the fun and help make Mobile Mardi Gras history!  Membership applications can be found here.  For more information, call president Terrence Bridges at (251) 689-1471 or email

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  1. Bonnie Massingill Feb 26th 2011

    I am so excited I found you guys, I was just ranting on Facebook about not being able to join a white organization because I can not take my fiance because he is black. Thanks you so much for doing this, I will get the word out that you exsist :) and be applying for membership. Thanks again!!

  2. Jim Sellers Mar 31st 2011

    I am from Seattle working in Mobile and called the day of the parade to see if I could participate. I was asked to join, road the float, went to the ball and had a “Mardi Gras Coach” to help me toss stuff correctly and laugh hard. It has been one of the most refreshing and inspiring things in my life. The open, accepting, laughing, comfortable people in this group are what I would hope the whole world could become.

    If you ever wanted to be part of something come and support the Conde Explorers.

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